March 28, 2010

~Joined AGATHA Summer Styling Workshop~

Yesterday, March 27th, I was invited to the AGATHA Summer styling workshop at Vie Hotel Bangkok

AGATHA is the Accessory Brand from Paris, their products are necklaces and pendants, bracelets, bangles, rings, ear rings and scarves specially for this summer. I think they have wide range of styles from a classy style to a fun and colorful style

Took a photo in front of the Workshop with Agatha backdrop.

In the invitation card said that the dress code of this workshop is "Summer Relax", so i tryied to dress something that is good for summer and still look relaxing. Here's what i wore : yellow and black maxi dress and a short denim shirt with flip flop.

Many kinds of little cute pieces of cake ready to served.

I ate 3 of them. Hehe. Yum!

In the workshop, there were 3 stylists that gave us advises on how to dress up and how to match our clothes with accessories. Pretty useful for me.

(Left : Ms. Belida, stylist form Agatha Paris Asia Pacific Hong Kong.)

I really love this medel in the ad, i think we have something in common. Haha. Love her hair!

Me in the workshop.

One snap shop in the parking lot. Can't resist taking photos.....

I have to say thanks a lot to Agatha that invited me to this workshop, i really enjoyed.

February 21, 2010

~TonyMoly Berry Berry Magic Lip Tint & Revlon Color Stay Mineral Blush~

Hi everyone. I'm back with 2 new stuffs today. So sorry for being too lazy to upload anything but from now on, I'll try my best to give u guys any update :)

Let's start from the lip stuff, Tony Moly (Karea cosmetic brand) : Berry Berry Magic Lip Tint. This is the kind of gel tint that changes color when you apply it onto your lips and it smells so berry and yummy. Hehe. This one is in the color no. 03 looking so purple in the pot but when I apply it on my lips the color turns into a really pretty pinkish purple and it is really pigmented. I can only say that "love it so much". Plus I love the packaging too, looks simple but nice.

The next stuff that I'd like to present is the Revlon Color Stay Mineral Blush in the color 010 Honey Miel. Actually the blonzer is the one I really want but i had no idea why i got this one instead :) But still i love this blush anyway, the actual color is a bit different from the picture that I took, it's the peachy brown with little pink undertone and little sheen too. This blush really gives the sun kiss cheeks for me. I think for anyone who's looking for the sun kiss blush on, you should try this one out and i think you won't be disappointed.

Have any of you guys try this 2 stuff and what do you think of them?

Have a really nice weekend!!!

August 3, 2009

~Just won a big prize~

Hello everyone :)

It's been such a looong time since my last entry because I was really busy and my brother just passed the way. So nothing to say then. Today I'm feeling better but still miss him so much everday.

Let's get to the point. As you can see the topic of this entry is that i just won a big prize that is Maybelline NY will give me their products for free for one year. Yeah!! LOL...... And I have to say thank you to Tune (Tuniez83) so so much for inviting me to this Clear Smooth Extra launching event and I attended their game and I won it. I felt so lucky.

I've got a gift set from them too. There're Clear smooth Extra, Mineral powder, Water shine lip stick and gel liner.

So, now I'm waiting for them to contact me about how I'm going to get the prize, what is the prize and when will they send me? But I'm alredy glad I won it.

In this event I met a lot of girls from which i have been following their blogs for a while. They're all pretty :) and it was nice seeing the in person. I arrived a little bit late have i had to leave really early so I did chat with some girls and didn't have much chance to take photos.

Anyway, I have to thank Maybelline Thailand and Tune (Tuniez83) so much for everthing.

I'll give you guys an update if I receive any product from them. :)

Thanks for visiting.....

March 6, 2009

~Clothing Items Update~

Hi guys. I have been busy for a while and have no time to upload anything here because I have to finish my thesis (chapter 1, 2 and 3, plus questionnaire, plus some business interview) by Monday. It's been such a horrible and miserable week for me. Have no time to go shopping but still got 3 new items. Haha :) It’s all about clothing not anything near make up this time.

First is my new big red belt for high waist fashion and it has some sparkle too. Love it and I’m gonna wear it with some pretty dress. Good thing in Thailand is that you can find any fashion items in low range of price. So this one is cheap, I bought it for 150 baht ($4.25)

Next, let’s move on to my new pair of black skinny jeans. I’ve been looking for really long leg skinny jeans, and here I found it! It’s not a brand name jeans but it fits me. I cost 390 baht ($11.05)

Last thing that I got is a layered short skirt with little floral pattern in light cream color. Love it, too because it looks adorable. Haven’t try it on yet but I will. Just 200 baht ($5.68) for this pretty thing.

(Sorry for the blur pic, took it from my cell)

Nothing more for today just a little of my photo haha :) So I think that’s it. I have to continue doing my paper.

Hope you guys have better day than me and see you soon. If you have any opinion on anything or any question, please feel free to ask.

Bye and take care.

February 24, 2009

~Introducing myself with new items of the week ^ ^~

Hi every one. First of all I'd like to introduce myself to all of you guys since I'm a newcomer here. You can call me Foo or Fluffy Foo (Foo in Thai means fluffy, as you can see how fluffy I am... :). But my actual nickname is Goi (ก้อย). I think it's easier if you call me Foo because my friends always call me that.

Anyway, I'm from Bangkok, Thailand. I'm about to finish my Master Degree this year (I Hope).

I also have a blog in Thai language but i wanna try english version too. So I started my blog here and hope you'll enjoy it.

If there's any mistake or typo or even bad gramma, please ignore it. haha.
I'll try my best.

I love Cats, Makeup, Cooking, Baking, Traveling and more. Will let you know later.

So. I'd like to start with my new items i just bought last week.

First is a press powder from the "Skinfood" Korea brand, and it's called lettuce and cucumber mild pact. The label says that "A compact powder with lettuce and cucumber extracts offering soft, lightweight comfort and hydration to the skin"

And cos it's mild pact without foundation, then it won't irritate even a sensitive skin. Further, I've heard that it can help reduce the acne and won't clog pore so you wouldn't get the comedones and It smells really lovely.

I think this product is fine cos it helps lighter my skin tone and makes it smooth but it has not enough coverage cos It's without foundation.

Let's move on to the lip products

I love Revlon lipstick and i bought no. 03 (sensual) from the Plumpsexxy series and it's a pink-nude color that I've been looking for.

And I also have another color in no. 125, it's also nude. So I'm gonna show you the difference between these 2 lip sticks.
I Think Revlon is a high quality product with resonable price and that's why I love it!!
Then, here's my last product and it is Etude (Korea brand) color me nude which is a lip concealer. You may wonder why would i use the lip concealer......... and the answer is "if you need a really nude lips you have to think of lip concealer " and havet it on before your lip color.
It even outs the redness in lips and creating a smooth and neutral surface for long lasting lipstick application - that's from it's label.
This product and dry out your lips so make sure you have a lip balm before wearing it.
And here's the comparison : Etude, Revlon no. 03 and Revlon no. 125.
Lastly, here's me with lettuce and cucumber mild pact without using any foundation but i'm not wearing Revlon lipstick. lol

Hope you enjoy my blog .... :)

And thanks for visiting.